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Caulking & Sealing in Cleveland, OH

Our contractors will caulk & seal your property for an airtight space

Your Cleveland, OH property is in need of some fresh caulk. The joints between your surfaces are exposed, resulting in weathering and an unprofessional appearance. You can rely on United Renovations Group, LLC to caulk your property. We’ll use oil-, latex- or silicone-based caulking to seal windows, doors and expansion joints. We’ll remove old caulking and replace it with new materials to keep your concrete and other surfaces from deteriorating.

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3 reasons to seal your property with caulk in Cleveland, OH

Caulk may seem like a miniscule part of your property’s structure, but it’s more important than you may think. Here are a few reasons caulking is so important.

  1. It enhances the appearance of your space by sealing gaps between surfaces
  2. It prevents water from intruding and damaging your structure
  3. It seals out insects and allergens

You can count on United Renovations Group to seal your home or business with caulk.